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Lichidator judiciar Rodica Ghita - fotografie

Rodica Ghita
Judicial Liquidator

Thank you for your interest in our online assistance service.

The fee for one online request is 50 EUR + VAT.

Please pay the assistance fee by clicking the button below. Payment is made through PayPal.

Upon the confirmation of the payment, you'll be redirected to this page to complete de online assistance form.

Please note that we respond usually within two business days. You will receive our response by email directly to your email address.

We provide online assistance in the following services in Romania:

    - Administrative and judicial liquidations

    - Reorganizations

    - Evaluations

    - Intermediated sales

    - Auctions

Other similar services may be provided upon your request.

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Bifaţi dacă sînteţi de acord cu prelucrarea datelor dvs. cf. Regulamentului (UE) 2016/679


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