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For taking part on bidding, the bidders:

- will purchase Presentation Book (for movables and/or real estates interesting for them) for the price of lei 1,000,

- will pay the participation fee of 1% from starting price and

- will present at registered office of the liquidator, 24 hours before bidding, a file containing the following documents:

  • purchase offer and offered price, payment method, identification data of the bidder and contact data;
  • for legal persons: Certificate of registration with Trade Register in original copy; Certificate of findings issued by Trade register at a recent date, in original copy; a Power of attorney signed by company representative for the person who will appeared at bidding, in original copy, and his Identity card in original copy;
  • for natural persons: Identity card in original copy;
  • the receipt regarding the payment into the bankrupt's account of a guarantee of 10% from starting price of the bidding.

All the persons who want to purchase must be present within the term and the place mentioned by advertising announcement, and 24 hours before this term they must provide the liquidator, personally or by post, the file including the purchase offers and the documents mentioned above.

Those who want to see the goods before bidding may be programmed at the tel. no. 031 800 7900 or cell 0724 651 579, daily after 2:00 p.m.

The persons who invoke any right on the goods to be sold must inform the liquidator before bidding date; otherwise they will suffer legal consequences.

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